Use this worksheet to calculate your personal net worth. This figure will largely determine how much a traditional lender is willing to loan. The higher your net worth, the better your chances for securing financing.

Net Worth Worksheet

Calculate your current net worth: Date __________________
•real estate (personal residence and other properties) __________________
•retirement accounts (401k, IRA, SEP) __________________
•auto __________________
•investments (stocks, bonds, annuities, mutual funds) __________________
•life insurance (cash value) __________________
•money owed to you __________________
•tax refund coming to you __________________
•deposits/prepayments __________________
•savings account __________________
•checking account __________________
•miscellaneous __________________
Total assets __________________


•first mortgages on real estate __________________
•second mortgages on real estate/equity loans __________________
•auto loan __________________
•credit card debt __________________
•student loans __________________
•other loans __________________
•miscellaneous __________________
Total liabilities __________________
Net worth (subtract total liabilities from total assets) __________________

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