Use this Self-Employment Assessment Test to determine if you have what it takes to be self-employed.

Self-Employment Assessment Test
Please note: As you answer each question, do it quickly. Don’t give any question too much thought, just go with your first, gut-level reaction. Answer with a “yes,” a “no,” or a “?” and at the end of the 25 questions, you’ll see how to score yourself.

1. _____ Are you a quick learner?
2. _____ Are you self-motivated?
3. _____ Are you healthy – emotionally and physically?
4. _____ Do you possess an extra amount of common sense?
5. _____ Do you love to learn new tasks and ideas?
6. _____ Do you have a high tolerance for risk?
7. _____ Do you enjoy doing sales?
8. _____ Do you constantly like to meet new people?
9. _____ Can you juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities at the same time?
10. _____ Do you regularly set and accomplish personal goals?
11. _____ Are you willing to sell your product or service?
12. _____ Do you have a spouse or friend who will take an interest in the business?
13. _____ Can you live with high levels of uncertainty?
14. _____ Are you resilient?
15. _____ Do you make good decisions quickly?
16. _____ Are you good with money?
17. _____ Do you love to work?
18. _____ Do you thrive on competition?
19. _____ Do you have will-power and self-discipline?
20. _____ Are you a good leader?
21. _____ Do you get things done on time?
22. _____ Can you live without an income until your business reaches breakeven?
23. _____ Do you have skills and passion for the business you’re considering?
24. _____ Are you resourceful?
25. _____ Are you willing and prepared to work long hours in the beginning?


Scoring The Test
To score your readiness, give yourself a point for every “yes” and a half-point for every question mark. A “no” answer counts as a zero.

Total up your score, and see how you stack up. For the best chances of success, ideally, your score will be 20 or above.

Copyright 2007, Jennifer S. Croft,